“Cookies” correspond to a sequence of pieces of information, usually small in size and identified by a name, which may be communicated to your browser by a website you are visiting. A cookie records information on your use of the site.

The website makes use of cookies with a view to ensuring its proper operation and availability in order to optimise your browsing experience.

There are several types of cookies:

  • technical cookies: these enable identification of services and sections that users have visited on the site, in order to facilitate browsing and personalise services and content so as to enable users to benefit from certain functionalities;
  • audience measurement cookies: these enable analysis of a website’s traffic (number of displays per page, time spent on each page, number of clicks, screen resolution, preferred language, website visited, timestamping of pages visited, etc.), proposals of promotional offers and banners displayed on the website and targeted to a greater or lesser extent, with a view to providing functionalities relating to social networks and media, enabling the operation of certain services and measuring services’ audiences.

Deactivating them therefore prevents any collection of information on website browsing and consequent proposal of editorial content tailored to your browsing.

Cookies may be included in advertising spaces, which often contribute to the financing of content and services made available to users.

  • Third-party cookies included in “Share” buttons on social networks.

When you visit the website, you are asked to accept or refuse cookies.

Technical cookies are essential to browsing. They only stay on the terminal for the duration of the connection.

Third-party Cookies

Production and use of cookies by third parties are governed by such third parties’ privacy protection policies. We inform you of the purposes to which the cookies we have knowledge of are put, and the means available to you in order to make choices in their regard.

The Administration has agreed to third-party applications being integrated into the website. Such applications may involve the installation of cookies on your device. A social network providing an “application button” may be able to identify you even if you have not used it during your consultation of the site, in particular if you are a member of such network and have activated your account on your terminal (open session) before or during your browsing on the site.

Please note: The Administration has no control over the procedures employed by social networks to collect information on your browsing of the website. The Administration asks you to consult such third-party applications’ privacy protection policies in order to acquaint yourself with the purposes to which the browsing information they collect via their application buttons are put, and to know how to exercise your rights directly with such social networks.

Audience measurement cookies

Audience and statistical cookies may be installed with a view to improving our services, for example by developing statistics on volume of traffic on our website and use of its various components (sections and content visited, and clickstream) in order to improve its interest and ergonomy.

Your consent to placement of all such cookies is requested. Technical data is hosted in the Principality of Monaco.

Below is a table summarising details of the various browsing cookies used on the website.

Name of cookieServicePurposesRetention period
pk_idMatomoAudience measurement13 months
pk_sesMatomoAudience measurement13 months

You can reconsider your consent or refusal at any time by modifying your browser’s parameters as specified below.

Cookie management

Cookie management is the user’s responsibility. You should bear in mind that some parts of this website may no longer operate in optimal fashion if certain cookies are deactivated. The Administration may not be held responsible in such cases.

  • Deleting cookies: You can delete all cookies already present on your device by clearing your browser’s browsing history. By doing so, all the cookies from the various websites you have visited will be deleted and information stored (e.g. connection usernames) will disappear.
  • Cookie management: All you need do is consult your browser’s cookie management and privacy protection parameters. You can modify your browser’s parameters at any time in order to manage or block cookies. For further information, we suggest you refer to your browser’s cookie management policies:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

For further information on cookies, you can consult the following pages: